Children records

  • Enrollment and waiting lists
  • Children and parents data
  • Medical data
  • Emergency contacts
  • People authorized to pick-up
  • Children & groups events red flagging
  • Birthdays and waitlists reminders
  • Pictures and files

MyDaycare Plus is designed to help daycare facilities such as yours seamlessly run their daily operations. From immunization and allergy records, records of expenses and issuing cash receipts, MyDaycare Plus is a comprehensive software solution that will enable you to take care of all your administrative functions.

Once a child has been enrolled into the system, it becomes easy to manage them in the waiting list. When a spot opens up, you can easily move them into the class they’ve been waiting for. A child can be enrolled and be put on the wait list for multiple programs.

MyDaycare Plus also allows you to view a snapshot of all children enrolled in each class as well as the number of children on the waiting list. This easy-to-use module could be used to drag and drop graduates, make spaces available and fill in any openings by moving children from the waiting list.