Pricing and Versions

MyDaycare Plus is a management software solution for daycare centres such as yours.

Stop worrying about your budget! MyDaycare Plus is designed to help you achieve all of your administrative goals at an affordable price!

MyDaycare Plus Suites

MyDaycare Plus

  • The most complete version.
  • In addition it offers lower prices for renting the software and access from anywhere and at any time.
  • 1st user $60/month
  • Additional user $10/month
  • Maintenance/Updates FREE

MyDaycare Plus
Private Cloud$80

  • The most complete version.
  • In addition to the standard cloud version it offers the unlimited potential of customization.
  • 1st user $80/month
  • Additional user $10/month
  • Maintenance/Updates FREE

Desktop Version or Software Purchase

The traditional way to acquire software is to purchase it outright and pay for support on an ongoing basis. This option is also available to you and may well suit your buying strategy more closely.

Some of the benefits of purchasing the software include:

  • Puts you in control of your investment
  • Lowers the long term costs
  • Discloses the asset on the balance sheet early
  • Is more cost effective
  • Gives flexibility on support options

Cloud Version or Software Rent

Renting the software is another business model in IT. This model allows you to use the software without thinking about how to keep your IT infrastructure alive. Also it gives you the access to your software from everywhere where you have the internet access. Basically the software provider charges you monthly, quarterly or other periodically.

Some of the benefits of renting the software include:

  • Spreads your payment
  • Includes full support
  • Minimises your investment risk
  • Includes all upgrades
  • No surprises or hidden costs

The difference between Cloud and Private Cloud.

Cloud version does not allow us to fully customize your software because it is being shared between all its users. And every change we make for you in Cloud would appear for each other Cloud user. Instead, Private cloud is the fully standalone database and it gives us the flexibility of Desktop Version with accessibility of Cloud one.

All versions are capable to be transformed to each other. In other words, we can transform your Cloud version to Private Cloud one or Desktop and vise versa. Anytime.